2011.12.11: Update: ALL HACKSAW RECORDINGS -- both albums ("Tear My Eyes Out" and "Wastelands") as well as our "Seppuku" EP.


Here are the songs from our final recording entitled "Seppuku" (as well as an instrumental mix of the title track). Also, two songs off of each of our full-length albums -- "Wastelands" and "Tear My Eyes Out..."

Each is available in MP3 and (higher quality) OGG format. All are encoded at 160 (average) kbps.

From "Seppuku" (2007)

Insurrection - MP3 / OGG

Seppuku - MP3 / OGG

Seppuku (Instrumental) - MP3 / OGG

From "Wastelands" (2007)

Destroying The Vile Red Falcon - MP3 / OGG

Whisper Perfect Lies - MP3 / OGG

From "Tear My Eyes Out..." (2003)

Consumed In Nothing - MP3 / OGG

Dilated - MP3 / OGG

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