2011.12.11: Update: ALL HACKSAW RECORDINGS -- both albums ("Tear My Eyes Out" and "Wastelands") as well as our "Seppuku" EP.

2007.11.17: THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us over the years. Our final show literally could not have been better -- it was incredibly touching to see all our friends and family who came out for it, and to see our passion completely reciprocated.

P.S. Nick, I hope your head is feeling better by now!

Many people have helped us in our struggle towards aural dominance (or just generally cool people). We would like to send shoutouts to the following people:

All Shall Perish, Antagony, BOOF, Impaled, Fighting Riley, Numbfaced, Ill Gotten Gainz (MHL), Solamente and Deleted Scenes, Michael Hughes and the Guys Who Stabbed Lumpy Stapley, How Progress Makes Us Sick, Times Of Desperation, Sean, Spires, Pains Of Sleep, Time For Living, For the Crown, Greg and Donkey Punch Brewery, the rest of the bands that played with and supported us, all our families, Andrew LaBarre for producing such a fucking awesome recording for us, Zack Ohren for his phenomenal work in recording and producing our second full-length "Wastelands", Eric Muller for making our final act, SEPPUKU, the epic it ultimately became, Gary for helping make our CD release show a success, Chris and Allen for hooking us BIG time with printing the CD booklets, Nick Gilman for creating such a badass logo for us, Andrew Capurro, Powerslave, Bray Almini, James, Nate, Kelly, Darryl, Baback, Kevin, John the Baker, Stacy, Mauricio, M7, Mike, Rob, Molly, Hubert Selby Jr., Chuck Palahniuk, and of course Slayer.

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