Here are the songs from our final recording entitled "Seppuku" (as well as an instrumental mix of the title track). Also, two songs off of each of our full-length albums -- "Wastelands" and "Tear My Eyes Out..."

Each is available in MP3 and (higher quality) OGG format. All are encoded at 160 (average) kbps.

From "Seppuku" (2007)

Insurrection - MP3 / OGG

Seppuku - MP3 / OGG

Seppuku (Instrumental) - MP3 / OGG

From "Wastelands" (2007)

Destroying The Vile Red Falcon - MP3 / OGG

Whisper Perfect Lies - MP3 / OGG

From "Tear My Eyes Out..." (2003)

Consumed In Nothing - MP3 / OGG

Dilated - MP3 / OGG

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